Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spring is here!

Well, it has been quite a while! We've been busy with school preperations for next year for the girls (Bella mostly - getting everyone updated on Type 1, treating highs and lows, etc....) It's quite an undertaking - LOTS and LOTS of paperwork! But everything looks good now - going along quite smoothly!

The toothfairy has visited our house twice now and she's VERY generous! haha - I believe the going rate for a tooth was about $.25 when I was little - now it's a dollar! The toothfairy's going to be broke by the time my kids are done losing all of their teeth! Madison was telling me about all 3 of her loose teeth the other day and said "I'm going to be..... Um, I'm going to be..." and I said "you're going to be a toothless wonder!" And she put on a VERY serious face and said "Yeah - but I'm going to be RICH!" hahaha..... She hasn't actually lost any teeth yet - Bella and Allie have each lost one.

Spring is here and that means lots of playing outside, which is great - the girls are getting very good at riding their bikes! And I believe we started out this week with about 5 dandelions in the yard - and the girls blew the seeds off of them and now we have about 5,000! Oh well - they're having a blast!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ok, so turns out I'm NOT so great at updating! haha - who would have guessed!!

Well anyway, here's whats been going on at our house lately....

Bella is all better! Her face is fine - healing nicely.... Although, now her and Allie have conjunctivitis... ICK! It's always something, what can you do?! hehe...

Over the past 2 weeks, we've had lots to do! Kindergarten registration was a few days ago and the girls did great! (Although I wished we'd been notified that they would not only have been taking the girls photos, but also a photo with the PARENTS! I had to sit there and have my picture taken THREE TIMES!!! haha - I had just come from work and was a TOTAL mess.....oh well.... what can you do?)

The very next day, we met with the principal to discuss keeping the girls together in the same class for K. The school likes to separate multiples (they've only had twins - never triplets or more), but we wanted to keep the girls in the same class for K because of the transition from being at home and then going away for a whole day (8:25 to about 2:50 every day!!!) We thought it was going to be a LONG, harsh process, but the meeting went very well and the girls will be together!!!!! (Yay us!)

And now on to the even better news! Bella has raised over $650.00 for her ADA walk in October!!! It's great!
We're also planning something REALLY big for the JDRF walk in September.... Another mom and I (and of course with the help of lots of friends and family) are planning a penny sale in Bella and Cooper's names to raise a TON of money for the JDRF! We're hoping it's going to do really well, and we have full support from the JDRF as well, so it's looking really good. It's just going to be a LOT of work!! But it will totally be worth it!

What else?!?!..... Coming up this week - doctor's appts, chimney cleanings(ick..), birthday parties, school, events, work, NICE WEATHER - finally!!! It was 87 today and we were outside almost ALL day! My kids are sleeping great! (and I think I will too!! hahaha)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wow have we got a lot going on this week!!

This week is looking to be quite busy for my little b-day girls!! School M,W,F - as usual.... Diego's (that's Papa to those of you who don't know) birthday is Wednesday, so we're going to be busy making lots and lots of cards I'm sure - hehe...

Thursday is the girls FIFTH birthday!! I can't believe how the time went by... What happened to my little drooly, pumpkin heads?!?! We'll be going out to lunch to celebrate and then heading over to Wicked Fun Art for an afternoon of arts and crafts, glitter and glue - a nice mess I'm sure, but thats OK with me cause I don't have to clean it up!!!!

Bella's diabetes fundraiser is up and running... her website (if you'd like to look or donate) is:

We've only had it running for 2 days, and she's already half way to her goal!! It's amazing! We're going to up the goal to $600 for now, and hopefully we'll raise much more than that! Bella is just so excited! She doesn't understand the amount of $, but she's glad she's helping find a cure! (how cute, huh?!?!)

On the subject of Bella, her face is healing quite nicely.... She's quite a rainbow of colors now... green, blue, purple, and yellow to be exact... poor thing - it just looks a mess!

Lastly, One Friday - we have an audition for a comercial for Hasbro's new Baby Alive doll... The girls are very excited! Right now there are only 2 other kido's auditioning, so we'll see what happens! Hopefully the girls will have fun, and do a good job - we'll see.... It all depends on their moods on Friday - haha.....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Poor little Bella.....

Bella took a nice little header off of the front steps this afternoon, resulting in a quick trip to the ER.... She fell from the deck, down 4 steps (although she didn't hit one of the four...) and landed on the concrete block at the bottom - on her face :( My poor little peanut had an INSTANT black eye (her eyebrow swelled up almost closing her eye completly...), she has a few scrapes and contusions on her nose, mouth, and cheek..... We spent a couple of hours in the ER. Though she was chatty and laughing with the nurses and doctors the whole time, they were a little worried about a concussion and about a possible fracture of her nose, so we have to watch her for 24 hours (wake her up every hour, make sure she's talking normal, acting right, etc...) Hopefully she'll be back to normal by tomorrow, but we know she'll have one heck of a shiner for the next few days....

I've said it a million times - she's the toughest kid you'll ever meet... I dont know how she does it... she deals with diabetes everyday (8 - 10 fingerpricks a day, BIG needles for pump set changes, shots if need be....) and I cant believe how strong she is!!! Definatly tough, that's for sure!

I'll have to go find some nice, light coverup for her.... I can only imagine what people will think when I bring her out in public.... Like we don't get enough attention for having triplets, now I'm going to have to explain what happened to my poor peanut, too! hehe..... Thank god she's OK though, thats really all that matters. We decided we're going to take a picture every day or two so she can see all the colors that her face turns as it heals (she thinks it's hilarious! - haha)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Wow, we have been busy the past week or so... With easter and work and getting prepared for Kindergarden registration.... I'm exhausted!! haha.

Easter was great - the bunny spoiled the girls (per usual!) Lots and lots of hidden eggs with candy and money! And then a very special scavenger hunt to find their one big "basket of fun" as Maddy called it! It was great - they were so excited - the basket was full of lots of outside toys for spring, movies, Strawberry shortcake dolls...very girly stuff!

Kindergarden registration is coming up... we're getting very nervous... Originally, I was worried we were going to have some problems dealing with everyone regarding Bella's diabetes... But I was SOOO wrong! They are so onboard! The nurse is great! She's ready to do whatever we need to do however we do it! I'm so relieved!!!!
Now, I'm preparing for the fight I've been told we're going to have because we want to keep the girls together in the same class. I have already been told "we split up multiples" and thats just how it's done and that's how they've always done it..... I know NH just passed the 'twin bill' so they can't just say that and that's how it will be - but we have to fight it. I'm hoping it won't be as bad as I think it will be - I guess we'll find out in April.

Today, we went to the children's museum with auntie Shannon and Hannah! It was SO much fun!!! The girls had a blast - they wanted to know if we can come back tomorrow! They were so cute running around all excited going from activity to activity! I'll tell you one thing - we had NO problems falling asleep tonight! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The girls new haircuts

So, I finally gave up fighting the hairbrushing and doing, and got haircuts for the girls.

We went to the salon (saints for fitting us in by the way!) and they said the girls hair was probably long enough to donate to Locks Of Love, so I said "lets do it!"

So up went the hair one last time into ponytails, and the whole thing got chopped off in one snip!

Donating made their hair a little tiny bit shorter that I thought I wanted it - but it's just so stinkin' cute - I don't even care that I can't still put it up!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Trip to Loon!

We had such a great time at Loon! It was freezing and we got 18 inches of snow in 24 hours! Jay got to snowboard a couple of times, and the girls and I had a blast! We went to the worlds longest candy counter - it was in this little country store called Chutters - it was so cute! They had everything (and the most candy I'd ever seen!) - the girls LOVED it! We kept busy most of the day just walking around the little shops and stuff (even though it was snowing) - it was so much fun. I think if we would have let them - the girls would have spent the whole time in the pool - they are such fish! So here are a few pictures... I can't figure out how to get them to shrink down to a reasonable size, so I'm posting links to them - that way they don't take up the whole page! Enjoy!

On our way - the girls could barely move!

Our view.... SO much snow - it was great!

The girls and Ari, ready to go to Chutters...

Chutters... (This is really only like 1/8th of the counter - it was huge!)...

Coloring in the condo...

Out to lunch...

My little fishies....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Packing, Packing, Packing....

I'm begining to wonder how we'll actually fit all of the things we need to take with us to Loon in the car!! You never realize how much you need, till you have to pack it all up into a limited amount of space! We're trying to work it so we only have to take one car (we plan on spending a fortune in gas - we don't want to spend 2!!).... So the front is off limits to suff - we'll be there, plus the DVD player for the girls. The girls will be taking up the entire middle seat of the Moutainer (along with their sunggle things, DVD screens, backpacks full of activities, and whatever else they absolutly HAVE to have!). That just leave the back for clothes, food, bedding for the condo, snowpants, boots, hats, mittens, boarding stuff, ice skates for 5 people, toys, games, pool stuff, etc... Oh my gosh - there's no way! We're going to need a trailer or a 15 passenger van!

I wonder what Jay would think about using the passenger seat to put stuff in and me staying home and hitting the spa for a few days?!?! haha.....

Sunday, February 24, 2008

No time to blog.... we've been playing Guitar Hero!!

What a busy weekend we've had! We went up to Jay's dad's house Saturday for a family day of hanging out and playing in the snow! (well - I'm not gonna lie - the guys took the kids outside to sled and snowmobile and the girls all stayed inside - it was TOO cold for me!) We had an awesome dinner, then Jay and I went home to hang out with friends while the girls had a sleepover! Unfortunately for me - our night with friends wasn't TOO much fun considering I had to get up at 4 and go to work Sunday morning, but still...
Today Jay and I got to go to work at the station together because we had no kids! It was great! Then we went shopping and when we got home - there were the girls! haha... and Uncle Kyle was so gracious enough to bring down the playstation and Guitar Hero, and we've been doing nothing but since about 4:00 this afternoon! haha! I must say, as much as I moaned and groaned about having it (cause that's all that Jay would be doing if we got it!) - it's SOO much fun! The girls tried it (but quickly got booed off the stage) :) Maddy was actually not bad - she made it through half a song! (maybe she'll be famous one day - she can play guitar and Bella will sing - of course! Allie will tell everyone where to go and what to do - Road manager!?)

No school for the girls Monday or Friday this week - only Weds. Friday we're off on our trip to LOON!!! We'll be hitting the "worlds longest candy counter" at a store in Lincoln while we're up that way (we saw it on the Food Network)..... Just what we all need - three kids, stuck in a car, FULL OF SUGAR!!! hahaha..... what's wrong with us?!?! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

safe from pop music (at least for now....)

The girls decided to color this afternoon, while I was making some soup for dinner. So they set themselves up at the table and began their projects while I cooked. Not even 2 minutes into the mess of stickers, crayons, markers, pencils, paper, and stencils, Bella suggested they needed some music and of course, all agreed! Just as I was about to explain why I couldn't possibly take one more minute of Hannah Montana or High School Musical.... They asked for Jack Johnson! Thank god! hahaha..... Maybe having 2 parents in the radio business will be good for them after all!!! (and here we were worried they'd turn out like us!!!!)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Party Day!!!

So the Girls had a party to go to today.... Hannah (my best friends little girl) turned 4. The Party was at a local bowling alley and it was a dress up party!! So we arrive (late per usual!) and get right into bowling and I must say my kids are pretty awesome bowlers! Maddy's pretty funny - she starts WAAAYYY back and runs and chucks the ball. Bella just stands there and moves the ball back next to her side and slowly lets it drop and very slowly roll down the lane. Allie does the old 'stand with your legs really far apart and bring the ball way back under them and roll it'. But she does it perfectly straight every time! It's crazy!
So after bowling it was party time (pizza, cake, icecream, presents, etc...) and then arcade games...... dun dun dun...... going to a place with arcade games and triplets is just like standing outside and putting your $$ into a trash can.... We spent $25 (and got about 800 tickets!) and we left with about $3.50 worth of crappy toys and lollipops! hahaha.... Oh well - they had so much fun!

And now it's nice and quiet! No yelling kids, no music, daddy's off interviewing Linkin Park, and I have the nice quietness all to my self!! Life is great! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Since this is my first offical blog, I though I'd begin by giving you a glimpse of our crazy life... Just today, we pumped out the basement first thing because of all the rain yesterday, we had a little puddle... then it was breakfast, dressed, and out the door. We had a doctor's appt, then we visited the radio station (interupting Daddy's meeting of course!! Lets hope he wasn't trying to add new music or something....) From there we had an hour to kill so we wandered around the dollar store and the girls ended up buying 3 thing each (how do they talk me into this?!). Then we had to take the car to get fixed (transmission - YAY.....). Gramma and Diego (this is papa) met us there and took us out for dinner and icecream (sugar at 630 pm? great.... hahaha!). At home we had to listen to Hannah Montanna while we finished Valentines because of course there's a party at school tomorrow! (oh no - I forgot cookies..... I guess I'll be cooking for the next hour....)

And Happy Valentines Day again...... (what happened to the days of long 'quiet' dinners, flowers, candy, cards, etc...?!?!) ;)